Karina and her company, under the name of Aya Serpent, organize evenings of music, healthy foods and sensual choreography that invite the audience into a world of Gaian myths.  The themes are sensual, exotic, harem, thousand and one nights, musicians and beautiful dancers. The choreography is wonderful and refreshing to see.  (Not just pretty girls swaying to mindless music)  Trained dancers dancing intricately choreographed pieces telling a story, all this to good music.  The live musicians are usually top notch. There is a strong focus on creating an immersive environment, through attention to details and rich set design. i.e. beautiful tapestries, lush pillows, exotic rugs, bell tents, beautiful costumes, candelabras etc… 

It's definitely not background - though it's meant to be an entire evening experience where at times part of the creation is a backdrop to people moving through the setting. 

So it's not just a "show" that has a beginning and and end.  It's an immersive evening setting with a show as the fulcrum of the evening


Aya Serpent is beyond language.  This is poetry in motion, multi-dimensional storytelling that is raw and elegant.  The Aya Serpent experience is immersive and provocative.  One is left with a sense of wonder and peace, it coaxes simultaneous feelings of darkness and light.  Aya Serpent represents all that makes us human, period.


I Have known Karina and her Company  , Karina Aya Serpent for the past few years , and I
have to say that. She is one of the most Includible and enlightened person I've met . Her Beautiful Energy
and positivity , is Reflected In the Mind Blowing performances that she Creates ...... The Creativity , Softness and
Fairy tale aspect of her Choreographed Shows , have transported everyone watching , into an Experience that is Memorable . The Magical Experience that one feels From the Beauty and Outer-world performance that AYA-SERPENT creates , is only equaled by the Performances of the Cirque Du Soleil

Aya Serpent's alluring performance only has light and love shining through.  If I had to describe in three words: beautiful, celestial & stimulating.  I highly recommend being part of this immersive dance experience.



Brilliant. Between the exotic dancers, aerial stunts and the use of earthly elements my eyes were fascinated and my mind entertained. Tantalizing choreography blended with beautiful music and positive energy has me wanting to see more performances.